Crinkle-cut French Fry Toppings


Some toppings are so basic should they even be mentioned? Salt and ketchup are ubiquitous… commonly used and everybody I know is aware of those toppings. The most basic toppings will be omitted from this list. The toppings can be used alone or with other toppings akin to those nachos with sour cream, meat cheese and other goodies thrown on top.

Most or maybe all the toppings below cab be placed to the side and the individual crinkle-cut fry dipped into whatever you desire. Plopping the topping atop the fries may best be eaten using a fork but, hey, it’s your life and you do whatever maker your liver quiver with unadulterated delight.

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Welcome Aboard



burger_king-friesGaze upon the wonder that is the crinkle-cut fry (CCF). Thank you to Burger King who placed the pic above upon the Web for a simple soul such as I to use to glorify my dining desire for the finest French fry style ever created.

I am honoring crinkle-cut fries whatever their source may be. To ease the reading of this blog I will use the term “crinkle-cut” alone when referencing the mighty crinkle-cut French fry. I will also try “CCF” to shorten the reference to my fry of choice.

This is the “sticky page” that will always appear first. The blog entries are chronological in order with the newest entries appearing first and as you scroll down the entries are older.

The shortest entries will appear in their entirety. Lengthier entries are shortened with a link at the entry’s end that expands it to full length. The abbreviating entries allows the reader (that’s you!!!) to scroll through the blog and read what interests you. If you read every entry that is extraordinarily right on, far-out and funky!!!

If it matters, the author (me) is a quintessential Baby Boomer (boo hiss). Yeah, I know, some folks blame us for today’s economic woes but you can relish the wonderful CCF along with me because I am the Disgruntled Old Coot huddled in a hovel in the poor part of town facing abject poverty for never having attained anything close to economic success.

So, be poor with me!!! Join the dregs of society who view the wondrous CCF as fine dining for those at our lowly social-economic position. Rich folks are welcome, also. The lust for crinkle-cuts surpasses every barrier that exists among people. Religion, creed, ethnicity, race, political choices and the multitude of other ways people are divided can and are surmounted by the insatiable craving for the finest french fry style ever created.

Enjoy your stay. New, fresh-cooked/baked/fried/whatever entries will be at the counter ready for serving shortly.