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Hello. Crinkle-cut fry admirers enjoy the company of others sharing their passion unless they are Disgruntled Folks such as I who tend to shun human company but here in the cyber-world folks can be akin to the fellow in that song from the past titled Wildwood Flower where you can take a trip and never leave the farm.

Your hovel can remain sacrosanct, free of pesky humans entering your abode, while you use the Web to frolic and cavort and explore and investigate or whatever it is that YOU do while on-line. To ease your wanderings the links below may be useful. If not, go find your own damn links!!!

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Fast-food Fry Rankings

Some of the reviewed frys are our beloved crinkle-cut critters with other fry-types mixed in. Follow the link for the ratings, descriptions and pictures. The comments area at the bottom has some interesting opinions.


The Definitive Ranking Of Fast Food French Fries