Potato World Museum

Of course the mighty potato will have a museum devoted to its pure awesomeness. I understand the overall potato devotion and that a museum devoted strictly to the coveted, lusted-for crinkle-cut may be a bit too small to attract enough visitors to cover the costs of operating a crinkle-cut museum.

Perhaps a wealthy benefactor will arise to allow the creation of a Crinkle-cut French Fry Museum that could possible attract visitors from across the world. Imagine how incredibly incredible the gift shop would be. Full of t-shirts and logo caps and toys and art works and everything imaginable related to that which is crinkle-cut. I nearly swoon at just the thought of that.

Until that wonderful day occurs we still have potato museums and here is the Web site for the one in Canada:


Potato World Museum


map_000Potato World: Just off the new Trans-Canada Highway at Exit 153 on route 110 at Florenceville-Bristol, NB
385 Centreville Rd.  Florenceville-Bristol, NB   E7L 3K5
Ph: (506) 392-1955   Fx: (506) 392-1956    tours@potatoworld.ca


I sent an e-mail to those fine folks offering some suggestions that would surely greatly increase the masses of humanity visiting the museum. Below is the e-mail I sent that will hopefully assist in placing the mighty crinkle-cut at the forefront of the potato museum:


The masses of potato devourers in the class war-laden USA are pleased you folks have a potato museum. That alone is worth taking the trek to the nether regions of the continent.

A recommendation that would surely greatly increase the drawing power of your attraction would be the upfront inclusion of the wonders of the crinkle-cut French fry. A delectable delight beloved by millions, likely billions when viewed from a planetary level.

The immense adoration of the finest tater concoction ever created has led to our communal craving on display via the Crinkle-Cut French fry Admirers Association

I hope that the next time I visit your Web site that I view the deserved up-front mention of the incredible crinkle-cut fry.

One more recommendation that would surely lead to a horde of humans descending upon your museum is to ensure your cafe includes at least one type of crinkle-cut fry in your offerings… the more styles using crinkle-cuts the better. At the least have your basic crinkle-cut and various condiments the happy eater can apply. If you included some awesome offerings with the crinkle-cuts having various messier topping-types applied by the chef in the kitchen allows the fries to become a full meal. The Web is full of recipes that would allow your cafe to become world-class and perhaps even merit the place a visit by Chef Ramsey of TV fame to taste the delightful crinkle-cut fare and seek inspiration for his own gustatory creation using the finest potato-type a chef can use.

Thank You,


Feel free to paste the above message or alter it to suit you or even better, craft your own communique’ and urge the Potato Museum to give the Crinkle-cut French fry in its many permutations the glory it is worthy of.

Maybe we will encounter each other at the “New Improved Potato Museum” with a bevy of exhibits and mentions of the mighty crinkle-cut!!!




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