Labeling the Mighty Crinkle-cut Fry

Hello, good to not see you. Well, I am pleased you are here but the communication at this blog is via text and pictures. Maybe I should get one of those Web-cam things so you fine folks who also adore the awesome crinkle-cut can peer at the extreme homeliness of me, the Disgruntled Old Coot, star of neither stage nor screen who is huddled in a hovel atop the brown recluse spider-infested Ozark Plateau.

Did you know the Beverley Hillbillies of 1960s’ TV fame started off in the Ozark Plateau before heading west? Yep, it’s true.

This post is intended to clarify the nomenclature related to the crinkle-cut fry.



Crinkle-cut fry is a handy way of labeling an edible delight since most folks immediately know what you are referring to. However, perhaps crinkle-cut alone will work on this Web site since that is what the entire blog is about.

A crinkle-cut potato can be any type of potato including the yam and sweet potato. Frying is a common method of cooking the critters but here in the hovel when I yank open the bag of frozen crinkles I bake them.

Once in awhile I splurge and head explicitly to a local food-serving firm to partake of their fried crinkle-cuts. What a delightful treat. To some folks a wedding or graduation day is a highlight of their life but, for me, well, being somewhat of a social recluse and outcast… sniff … that dining event is my life’s highlight. Hey, I am an easily-pleased Old Coot.

A crinkle-cut is available in many ways. At times it is a stand-alone offering that is grabbed by the hand or fork or chop sticks or spork ( The Spork is Your Friend ) shoved into the mouth unadulterated. Sure, salt is very common but the crinkle-cut requires nothing but itself to be a palate pleaser.

A look at the recipe section of this blog shows how the wonderful crinkle-cut can be a valuable addition, an ingredient to the creation of a fancy full-fledged meal as seen with the various casseroles and other fare using the combination of multiple ingredients.

However they are used the Crinkle-cut French Fry Admirers Association appreciates our treat in all its permutations. Let it be understood that the “French fry” title is not restricting us in how we view the crinkle-cut. The title and labels used are merely assisting the future crinkle-cut devotees in understanding our message.

Long live the Crinkle-cut no matter how it is cooked or used.

Okay… I hope I clarified the issue instead of doing my typical befuddling of the masses.





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