Crinkle-cut French Fry Toppings


Some toppings are so basic should they even be mentioned? Salt and ketchup are ubiquitous… commonly used and everybody I know is aware of those toppings. The most basic toppings will be omitted from this list. The toppings can be used alone or with other toppings akin to those nachos with sour cream, meat cheese and other goodies thrown on top.

Most or maybe all the toppings below cab be placed to the side and the individual crinkle-cut fry dipped into whatever you desire. Plopping the topping atop the fries may best be eaten using a fork but, hey, it’s your life and you do whatever maker your liver quiver with unadulterated delight.


Crinkle-cut French Fry Toppings

  • Gravy:  all types. I like country gravy with hunks of meat in the gravy
  • Cheese: many types to use. The cheese can have stuff added to it.
  • Salsa: mild, medium, hot and dangerous. Beware the super-hot stuff
  • Chili: with or without beans. Con carne = with beans
  • Mayonnaise: some folks express revulsion when I dip into plain mayo. Good. I like it and I revel in the cries of revulsion from others
  • Dip for Chips:  French onion or any other dip for potato chips
  • Tartar sauce
  • Steak sauce: many varieties with differing tastes
  • Malt vinegar: often found with fish and chip meals
  • Salad dressing:  Ranch style is often used and some go for Thousand Island-style. Experiment… try the many types of dressing and let us know via this entry’s comment area what works for you
  • Milk shake or soft ice cream: Come on, admit it. When young you dipped fries into your milk shake. I did. And crinkle-cut hold the gooey stuff best. Yum. I don’t do it anymore.

The above can be combined in a multitude of ways. Some folks make their own Thousand Island-type dip by combining mayo and ketchup. If mayo wasn’t so damn full of calories I would use it much more often as a dip. Trying to attain my long-lost Adonis-like figure so the babes will again swoon with delight upon seeing me I am forced to shun those very tasty but fattenings toppings/dips.


Here is an interesting idea for topping your crinkle-cuts:   Tex-Mex.  Crinkle-cuts are good for dipping in clingy liquids such as ranch dressing, ketchup, milk shakes and other dippables but they lack the scooping ability of a wider potato chip. There will be times when the best way to much on crinkle-cuts with the toppings in the TexMex meal and similar concoctions is with a fork, spoon or… the mighty SPORK.  Scoop up some goop, the topping, then spear your crinkle-cut and savor the textures and tastes exploding inside your brain. Yum.

The Spork is Your Friend


Here’s another one shouting for a spork to enter the scene and convey the goodies to your ravenous body crying out for FOOD!!!!   Classic Chili


I am going to pass on the following version of topping the wonderful almighty crinkle-cut fry. Maybe it is lip-smacking delicious but there are too many other types that make my innards grumble and growl telling me to eat them. But, tastes vary so here it is for those interested:   Parmesan-Herb


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