Potato World Museum

Of course the mighty potato will have a museum devoted to its pure awesomeness. I understand the overall potato devotion and that a museum devoted strictly to the coveted, lusted-for crinkle-cut may be a bit too small to attract enough visitors to cover the costs of operating a crinkle-cut museum.

Perhaps a wealthy benefactor will arise to allow the creation of a Crinkle-cut French Fry Museum that could possible attract visitors from across the world. Imagine how incredibly incredible the gift shop would be. Full of t-shirts and logo caps and toys and art works and everything imaginable related to that which is crinkle-cut. I nearly swoon at just the thought of that.

Until that wonderful day occurs we still have potato museums and here is the Web site for the one in Canada:

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Labeling the Mighty Crinkle-cut Fry

Hello, good to not see you. Well, I am pleased you are here but the communication at this blog is via text and pictures. Maybe I should get one of those Web-cam things so you fine folks who also adore the awesome crinkle-cut can peer at the extreme homeliness of me, the Disgruntled Old Coot, star of neither stage nor screen who is huddled in a hovel atop the brown recluse spider-infested Ozark Plateau.

Did you know the Beverley Hillbillies of 1960s’ TV fame started off in the Ozark Plateau before heading west? Yep, it’s true.

This post is intended to clarify the nomenclature related to the crinkle-cut fry.

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A Crinkly Visual Delight


For a visual delight and possibly to nudge your creativity regarding concocting excellent edibles using the awesome crinkle-cut French fry all you fine folks are invited to visit the yummiest Pinterest entry imaginable:


Crinkle-cut French Fry Appreciation Society

One of my favorite pics on the page is this one:



Even the furry little critters know what the best type of fry is… the mighty crinkle-cut.  Oh yeah.


Crinkle-cut French Fry Toppings


Some toppings are so basic should they even be mentioned? Salt and ketchup are ubiquitous… commonly used and everybody I know is aware of those toppings. The most basic toppings will be omitted from this list. The toppings can be used alone or with other toppings akin to those nachos with sour cream, meat cheese and other goodies thrown on top.

Most or maybe all the toppings below cab be placed to the side and the individual crinkle-cut fry dipped into whatever you desire. Plopping the topping atop the fries may best be eaten using a fork but, hey, it’s your life and you do whatever maker your liver quiver with unadulterated delight.

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