Crinkle-Cut French Fry Recipe Post


I will add to this entry when I find recipes related to the might crinkle-cut fry. The recipe may use the CCF as the recipe base or the CCF may be an addition and just a part of a larger dish. Any type of French fry would surely work with these recipes but the true fry aficionado accepts NO substitute: either a crinkle-cut fry or hit the highway.

Our first recipe is for:  Cheeseburger ‘n’ Fries Casserole
When you reach the linked-to page please notice the handy “print” tab in the center of the page that leads you to the same recipe but in a handy ready-to-print format. I adore basic foods and that easy-to-make munchy sure sounds yummy to me. And the addition of the most-excellent CCF makes that meal oh-so appealing both visually and from that extra-awesome one-of-a-kind taste and texture provided by the greatest French fry ever created.

Our next entry is:   Crinkle Nugget Casserole

Follow the link for the recipe and lots of pics that show the creation of this hearty meal that surely will fill the bottomless gullet of hearty folks such as the Disgruntled Old Coot. That’s me!!!


Let’s try some:  French Fry and Smoked Sausage Hash

It was a major success considering it was a thrown together meal. ”  That’s the type of meal I like to prepare.  A pic of the finished dish is there to induce drooling and thus a prompt to give the recipe a try. I always look at a comment section of one is present. Folks who have tried the recipe sometimes rate the outcome or mention ways to alter the recipe to attain different results..


This sounds interesting:   Cheese Steak Smothered Fries

Whenever I notice what to me is an unusual ingredient in a recipe I think of something that would be an adequate substitute. Seeing this:  1 package (17 oz) refrigerated Italian-style beef roast   I think about the several different types of cheese steak “kits” in the grocery store freezer section. There are likely several types of meat and meat styles that could replace the “Italian-style beef roast” in the recipe. Experiment!!! And leave a comment in this blog entry to let us know what you did and how it turned out.


The flavor of buffalo chicken wings meets the crispy texture of french fries topped with sharp cheddar and blue cheese. ” Not just ANY old run-of-the-mill French fry folks. Nope. The recipe states: “1½ bags frozen french fries (crinkle cut or steak) ” Oh yeah. To be honestly frank or is it frankly honest? Anyway… most recipes calling for any ingredient even remotely akin to the awesome might crinkle-cut fry could likely use the finest fry ever devised by humankind. It is just a certainty in my mind that the use of crinkle-cut fries will greatly enhance the gustatory delights of whatever vittles those scrumptious crinkly delights appear in. For the recipe:  Buffalo Cheese Fries


The next recipe is in my “unsure” pile of possibilities. First there is the oven-proof skillet thing though that should be able to be worked around in some manner. I guess. My el cheapo frying pan has its handle attached with a screw. Maybe detach the handle and use pot holders to handle the frying pan. I never thought of combining eggs and glorious crinkle-cuts though I have gulped down eggs and hash browns for decades. Combining eggs and crinkle-cuts may be a delightful treat. Let us know how it turned out if you try it:   fry-tata


I will definitely give these a try… when I gather enough energy to do more than just heat up frozen crinkle-cuts as they come out out of the plastic bag they are sold in.   Feisty Sesame Fries



Sloppy Joe French Fry Bake. Does it sound good to you? Who cares what it “sounds” like. I don’t latch onto food with crinkle-cuts in them for their oratory abilities since the crispy critters are mute!!! They exist for the munching…. that should be obvious even to the addle-minded demented dudes and dudettes dining upon the divine delicacy of crinkle-cuts.

Did that stuff above make any sense?  Bah!!! Who cares. There’s food with crinkle-cuts to check out!!!  YAY!!!


At the site it says;  “It tastes like a cheeseburger & fries. This would be great for a super bowl party! ”  Then we read;  “The hubby says that it is definitely a keeper!”  Damn, if hubby likes it and the chef creating the concoction approves the dining delight then I am ready to give it a try. Follow the link for the recipe and pics.   Cheeseburger Casserole






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