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burger_king-friesGaze upon the wonder that is the crinkle-cut fry (CCF). Thank you to Burger King who placed the pic above upon the Web for a simple soul such as I to use to glorify my dining desire for the finest French fry style ever created.

I am honoring crinkle-cut fries whatever their source may be. To ease the reading of this blog I will use the term “crinkle-cut” alone when referencing the mighty crinkle-cut French fry. I will also try “CCF” to shorten the reference to my fry of choice.

This is the “sticky page” that will always appear first. The blog entries are chronological in order with the newest entries appearing first and as you scroll down the entries are older.

The shortest entries will appear in their entirety. Lengthier entries are shortened with a link at the entry’s end that expands it to full length. The abbreviating entries allows the reader (that’s you!!!) to scroll through the blog and read what interests you. If you read every entry that is extraordinarily right on, far-out and funky!!!

If it matters, the author (me) is a quintessential Baby Boomer (boo hiss). Yeah, I know, some folks blame us for today’s economic woes but you can relish the wonderful CCF along with me because I am the Disgruntled Old Coot huddled in a hovel in the poor part of town facing abject poverty for never having attained anything close to economic success.

So, be poor with me!!! Join the dregs of society who view the wondrous CCF as fine dining for those at our lowly social-economic position. Rich folks are welcome, also. The lust for crinkle-cuts surpasses every barrier that exists among people. Religion, creed, ethnicity, race, political choices and the multitude of other ways people are divided can and are surmounted by the insatiable craving for the finest french fry style ever created.

Enjoy your stay. New, fresh-cooked/baked/fried/whatever entries will be at the counter ready for serving shortly.







Crinkle-cut Reviews

Let’s check out what others have to say about the mighty crinkle-cut fry. A reminder folks, the word “fry” is a catch-all term and includes a batch of crinkle-cuts that were baked and have never been immersed screaming into a bubbling turmoil of hot grease or oil or whatever is in that vat awaiting the incoming food.

We will start with an excellent, in-depth review of the Burger King Gratifries. I noticed a small amount of TV advertising for the critters but it trailed off quickly. Maybe the results were so positive that further expensive advertising wasn’t believed to be needed. Here’s the review—–>    Tressa’s take on Burger King Gratifries

Next up on our review list is another Burger King fry review but with video & audio. No mention of the low-calorie Gratifries so it is likely safe to assume the fries are standard fries but with a crinkle and no attempt at minimizing fat and calories. Behold:


And another Burger King entry reviewing Satisfries on a radio station Web site:

Review of Burger King’s Crinkle-Cut “Satisfries” French Fries


Here is an interesting review where the old is compared with the new and the difference between old and new is immense. The new is a made-on-the-spot standard run-of-the-mill non-crinkle fry while the old version is the fry that real fry aficionados world-wide demand, the one real fry to those with discriminating tastes… the mighty crinkle-cut.


a_560x375image from linked-to site

Adam Platt on Shake Shack’s New, ‘Fresh’ Fries

I’ve always been partial to the original, fat, crinkle-cut (and yes, scandalously frozen) fries served at my neighborhood Shake Shack, up on 23rd Street. I like the heft and size of the fry and the way the stubby, crinkly cut shape visually complements the densely compact shape of the Shack Burger itself. I like the way the ridges serve as a perfect dredging vehicle for wiping up your excess ketchup. I like the classic shape, with its nostalgic hints of the exciting, though inevitably disappointing, Swanson TV dinners of the sixties and the older suburban burger shacks of my youth.

And thus starts an interesting and entertaining fry review. Definitely a must-read. Get on over there.

 Nathan’s French Fries, Crinkle Cut, Jumbo   Frozen ready-to-heat crinkle-cuts are a mainstay for me. I always bake to keep the calories as low as possible and to avoid the expense of buying oil to fry the fries that in my case are “bakes” I suppose.  I have tried the name-brand fries such as Ore-Ida but I am happier saving some shekels and getting the store-brand or generic non-brand crinkle-cuts. Those are tasty enough for a Disgruntled Old Coot, me. I do not recall seein Nathan’s frozen goodies in my area. However, crinkle-cut admirers are everywhere so I report on crinkle-cuts wherever they may dwell. This review is at a grocery store Web site that allows reviews and ratings. Nathan’s earn a full 5-stars out of 5 possible!!!

The Best Frozen French Fries”   ratingThese are the best frozen French fries I have ever eaten! They are not salted so you can add as much or as little salt as you want! Plus they are delicious!! I always bake them for a few extra minutes because they are a thicker cut fry. Still delicious!!!

 Here’s a “Satisfries” review with a horde of comments:

Review: New Satisfries from Burger King   Posted September 24th, 2013


YAY!!!  Some reviews for the frozen crinkle-cuts I normally buy… the Wal-Mart budget brand that appears to be rated highly:     Great Value Crinkle Cut French Fried Potatoes

GoodHousekeeping reviewed several frozen crinkle-cut fries and the winner is:  “CRINKLE-CUT WINNER: Testers flipped for the “great potato taste” of Ore-Ida Golden Crinkles”   The layout of the page is rather odd. When you get to the linked-to page below scroll down and look at the coffee cup logos. The product name under the cap is the link to the review.  Once you open one of those pages you will find yourself in a “slide show” with arrows to go forward or back through the several reviews. Weird page lay-out!!! Some of the reviews are for non-crinkle-cut fries.

Frozen French Fries Reviews


From the Save-a-Lot grocery store  chain: 

Save-A-Lot stores bring discount groceries to neighborhoods across the US. In fact, there are more than 1,300 Save-a-Lot stores nationwide in urban, suburban and rural areas. As one of the nation’s leading extreme value, carefully selected assortment grocery chains, we deliver our customers terrific savings on discount groceries, up to 40% compared to conventional grocery stores.

There is one in my town and I have bought a few things there. It appears to me that these small budget-oriented stores are increasing in number. It seems they have a tendency to open in the poorer parts of towns and cities where the growing numbers of working-poor and underemployed and the too many unemployed folks are trying to scrape by. I will have to try their brand of crinkle-cuts and write a review about them.

Meanwhile, here’s what some consumers wrote about:    Wylwood® Crinkle Cut Fries, 32oz 

  • Superb product! They actually crisp up and taste great. You’d swear they came from a deep fryer. Low price too! Tip: be careful not to overcook them.
  • These french fries are delicious and affordable!
  • These are the best french fries I have ever bought at a store. They are not mushy and cook very fast and are crispy. All you need is ketchup!!!


Alexia 98% Fat Free Smart Classics Roasted Crinkle Cut Fries


Countries where crinkle-cuts are served

For the world travelers in the audience here is a handy list of the countries where the awesome crinkle-cut is served. Time and space constraints limit the crinkle-cut outlets shown below. It is our estimation that if even one firm offers crinkle-cuts then surely there are other crinkle-cut outlets.


Australia:  Adelaide…  Nordburger, Norwood   Nordburger: beef, pickles, tomato, lettuce, mustard, ketchup and nord sauce with crinkle cut fries and fry sauce


Britain:  London…   6 Of The Best Burger Shacks In London:   Shake Shack 24 Market Building, The Piazza, WC2E 8RD   Team your burger (all come with a delicious secret recipe sauce) with crinkle cut fries.  Shake Shack London menu



Unofficial Official Link Page

Hello. Crinkle-cut fry admirers enjoy the company of others sharing their passion unless they are Disgruntled Folks such as I who tend to shun human company but here in the cyber-world folks can be akin to the fellow in that song from the past titled Wildwood Flower where you can take a trip and never leave the farm.

Your hovel can remain sacrosanct, free of pesky humans entering your abode, while you use the Web to frolic and cavort and explore and investigate or whatever it is that YOU do while on-line. To ease your wanderings the links below may be useful. If not, go find your own damn links!!!

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Potato World Museum

Of course the mighty potato will have a museum devoted to its pure awesomeness. I understand the overall potato devotion and that a museum devoted strictly to the coveted, lusted-for crinkle-cut may be a bit too small to attract enough visitors to cover the costs of operating a crinkle-cut museum.

Perhaps a wealthy benefactor will arise to allow the creation of a Crinkle-cut French Fry Museum that could possible attract visitors from across the world. Imagine how incredibly incredible the gift shop would be. Full of t-shirts and logo caps and toys and art works and everything imaginable related to that which is crinkle-cut. I nearly swoon at just the thought of that.

Until that wonderful day occurs we still have potato museums and here is the Web site for the one in Canada:

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Labeling the Mighty Crinkle-cut Fry

Hello, good to not see you. Well, I am pleased you are here but the communication at this blog is via text and pictures. Maybe I should get one of those Web-cam things so you fine folks who also adore the awesome crinkle-cut can peer at the extreme homeliness of me, the Disgruntled Old Coot, star of neither stage nor screen who is huddled in a hovel atop the brown recluse spider-infested Ozark Plateau.

Did you know the Beverley Hillbillies of 1960s’ TV fame started off in the Ozark Plateau before heading west? Yep, it’s true.

This post is intended to clarify the nomenclature related to the crinkle-cut fry.

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A Crinkly Visual Delight


For a visual delight and possibly to nudge your creativity regarding concocting excellent edibles using the awesome crinkle-cut French fry all you fine folks are invited to visit the yummiest Pinterest entry imaginable:


Crinkle-cut French Fry Appreciation Society

One of my favorite pics on the page is this one:



Even the furry little critters know what the best type of fry is… the mighty crinkle-cut.  Oh yeah.